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Our Tackle Box Sets are a great way to try out all of our jigs and include jig heads that are matched for a perfect fit. 


Each Box includes a full pack of each color and 2 jig heads per color.


Jigs per box go as follows:

8 Jigs Per Color (2" Fantail and Split Stick)

10 Jigs Per Color (1.75" Beaver Tail, 2" Stinger Tail, and Evo Bug)

15 Jigs Per Color (Mae Mae Bug, Saw Tail, Fly Guy, 1" Beaver Tail, Mayzer Bug, Wiggler,  and 1" Fantail)

20 Jigs Per Color (1" Stinger Tail)


They make great gifts!


Feel free to contact use with any questions or requests!

Tackle Box Set

Excluding Sales Tax
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