5 Jigs Per Pack


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These double tail grub baits are perfect for ned rig finesse fishing.  Add the hula skirt to add even more movement to the bait. These baits are made with floating plastic ensuring that your ned head stands straight up each time it contacts the bottom.  This is a tactic that is taking the fishing world by storm because it drives fish crazy!  We use a medium strength plastic which gives the bait good movement, yet doesn't sacrifice durability.  You can use this bait fish after fish.   



Craw w/Black Black Flake

Chartreuse w Black Flake

Pearl White w/Black Flake

Black w/Red Flake

Pumpkin w/Black and Red Flake

Green Pumpkin w/Black Flake

Watermelon w/Black and Red Flake

(Watch for new colors!)


Color may vary slightly from jig to jig.


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5 pack-4" Hula/Double Tail Grub

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  • These baits are made with 100% medium blend floating plastisol.  This combination ensures that the baits will stand up when contacting the bottom.  They are also soft enough for great movement, yet have the strength required to catch multiple fish before replacing.